About the journal

Editors: Jeremy Richardson, University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and University of Oxford (UK), and Berthold Rittberger, University of Munich (Germany).
Research Agenda Section & Debate Section editor: Michael Blauberger, University Salzburg (Austria).
JEPP Online editor: Philipp Schroeder, University College London (UK).

The Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP) has established itself as one of the flagship journals in the study of public policy, European politics and the EU and provides a comprehensive and definitive source of analytical, theoretical and methodological articles in these fields. Focusing on the dynamics of public policy in Europe, the journal encourages a wide range of social science approaches, both qualitative and quantitative. JEPP defines European public policy widely and welcomes innovative ideas and approaches. The main areas covered by the Journal are as follows:

  • Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of public policy in Europe and beyond;
  • National and transnational public policy developments and processes in Europe;
  • Comparative studies of public policy within Europe;
  • The public policy interface between nation states and the EU;
  • The EU: its institutions, political processes and policies;
  • The EU as an actor in regional and global affairs.

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